An Inspiration to Everyone

Daniella, I know your beautiful neshama is right next to the Kesei Hakavod, asking Hashem to look over us. You cared so much for others while you were in this Olam Ha’asiah that I know that in Gan Eden where you are now that you are still looking after others.

I was your NCSY’er in West Coast and I was not the type to make a kesher with any advisor type but you were so awesome, friendly, happy, kind, caring, sweet, and just there to be someone to talk to that I wanted to connect with you. You showed me that you cared, you made me feel comfortable and always said “Hey!” to me when you saw me, even when NCSY was over and I saw you at shul or around LA.

Even the last time I saw you, in the bakery in the summer, you were so excited to see me and wanted to catch up right there and then. I was always instantly put at ease by your friendly attitude and warm smile.

Ive been wanting to do this for a while but knowing how you loved to smile and out smiles on others faces, I want to make a Wedding Shtick Gemach in your honor, so that each bride that smiles and becomes happy because of the shtick from your gemach can bring an even furthering of your neshama to the highest of places.

I will let everyone know when the Wedding Shtick Gemach L’iluey Nishmat Daniella Shaina Bat Yehoshua Falik a’h will be finished.

Miss you Daniella

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