A beautiful person…

Daniella Lee-Casper, I remember when I first met you. I met you when I was going to Israel my first time and you sat right by me on the airplane. We talked for hours about what we want out of our lives, our Jewish morals and values….I remember when I decided to become frum you were also the first person I wanted to share the news with. You were so inspiring and kind towards me and encouraged me towards a decision that would help impact me for the rest of my life. And the book you were reading on the plane called “The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld”. I ended up buying it and am still working through reading it… However, I won’t forget your enthusiasm about Judaism and your love for your people and life.We always used to write back and forth to each other and somehow she managed to never forget to write me back as facebook was our main communication due to distance throughout the time I have known her since…She would write me back like a month later completely apologizing and stating how she did not forget me because she genuinely cared about people, her people and all people. She found value in making herself so indispensable to others and this made her a very special girl. The way I see it, Daniella was a flower that always was looking for a new way to blossom and grow. It is easy to miss someone like her because people like her are rare to find nowadays which is why I know Hashem must have had a reason to take her. I will miss you and you will be missed by all those whom love you in which hearts you have touched. Thinking back, I can see how she completed her mission in life because of how anything she did, she did whole heartedly while trying to keep this constant learning and finding beauty in life to illuminate who she was through Torah and honoring god. May her neshama escalate in shemayim…… A”H You were such an amazing person and you will be remembered by klal yisrael l’olam va’ed…<3

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