My Role Model

Daniella was my mother’s student for three years at YULA. They were very close especially after Daniella graduated. Daniella would call and come by often.

But my relationship with Daniella began when I was 10 years old, the summer of 2009, when she came over to help my mother with my brother’s Bar mitzvah invitations (as she always did chessed).  We started shmoozing and I decided that I really liked her. She was lively, fun,understanding and caring. She told me she would take me out to coffee bean so we could have another talk.  We went out, and I couldn’t help but share all my thoughts, feelings and worries. I felt like she was my new big sister and best friend! She made it seem like I had an equal amount to offer in our “friendship”. She took me to her parents house so I could “help her” make dinner.  She took me for walks and talks which were an important part of my “tween” years. I loved when she would come with Noam on Shabbos afternoon. There was always a special feeling in the room when they were there together.

I love her and miss her very much. I don’t know how I will go on. I’m 14 and my life is changed forever. I keep a picture of her in my desk at school.  My life is not complete without her here and will never ever be.

Shayna Yaffa Abady

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