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A true neshama

I met Daniella about a year ago when I moved into the same apartment building as her, immediately  she came up to me and introduced herself i was like wow she’s so friendly..and i wish i can say from there we became best friends..we didn’t. There was just too little time. Daniella always had a huge smile on her face i just wish i can take a step back and made the time to get closer to her. This past sukot i think it was, i needed to light for chag and didn’t have a candle so i went to to borrow one she was so kind and gave me one. But the next night of chag 2 minutes before lighting i hear a knock at my door and its Daniella checking to see if i needed a light.

Daniella was so true and so genuine always so ready to help anyone,  she was someone that i want to be now. In her honor i will try and be as genuine and kind as her and be ready so quickly to help a friend or stranger in need without thinking twice and i pray to hashem that this will make her neshama reach the highest of highest levels and she should beg hashem for moshiach now. i cant beleive such an angel is gone . She was so special her neshama needed to be so close to hashem. I miss you daniella