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Hashems Special Angel

It was only months ago as I sat across the table from Daniella  and her special husband celebrating the holiday of Succos . Discussing our futures me as a soon to be graduate and Danielle as an already hard working daughter, mother, and wife. I asked her Danielle.. How do you do it all? to which she replied with a smile across her face ” with loving parents, siblings and husband anything is possible”. This is the out look she had in life. She never looked at something as a punishment rather as a test to make her stronger.

Hashem blessed her husband, son, parents, and siblings with an “angel” who took the titles of mommy, wife, sister, and daughter. The years that she spent on this world were years of happiness and a proper Torah hashkafas, we all know that she is watching over all of us now from her chair in shamayim and shepping nachas from her family and friends.

My deepest condolences to the entire Lee Family on this loss. May we share in only simchos and happy times together!